What type of alerts are available?

Spearline have four alert types available.

We have a number of alert types available depending on your unique requirements and business needs. 

  1. Fail Alerts
  2. Follow-up Alerts
  3. Quality Alerts
  4. PESQ Drop Alerts


Fail Alerts

With these alerts you can specify the following: 

  • The specific number or group of numbers to be alerted on.
  • What fail states you would like to be alerted on (eg. busy, silence on the line, disconnected, etc...)
  • If you only want to be alerted on GSM, PSTN, or both.
  • The snooze interval whereby after an alert has been sent, you won't get another alert on a failed number until the snooze period has expired.
  • The maximum amount of alerts you would like to receive.
  • If you only want to receive an alert after X amount of tests for a number that has failed.
  • If you would like to be alerted by email, phone or SMS message.
  • Test frequencies through the number or campaign area of the platform

Follow-up Alerts

With follow-up alerts, you specify the following:

  • How many follow-up connection tests you would like to run when a number has been marked as busy by a member of our support team.
  • The snooze interval.
  • The maximum number of alerts.
  • How many levels of follow-up tests you would like and how many tests on each level.
  • How often after a “busy” you would like to run these tests again (e.g two every minutes).
  • If you would like to split the tests into GSM and PSTN.
  • If you would like a report sent at the end of a level on the following conditions;

    (a) Any test has failed in the follow-up tests
    (b) All tests have failed in the follow-up tests
    (c) Send after a follow-up has completed
    (d) Don't send report at all.

Quality Alerts   

Quality alerts work in the same way as our fail alerts, the only difference is that you specify a PESQ quality score threshold, and if the test is scored under this threshold, you will be alerted. Our support team will personally verify poor quality tests before an alert is sent and this alert is available by phone, email or SMS message.

PESQ Drop Alerts

The PESQ drop alert is sent when an average PESQ score for a given period of time falls below a predetermined threshold. You will have the option of setting up daily, weekly, or monthly alerts. These alerts will use a custom value, the Spearline country benchmark, or the previous time period average as the threshold.