What does the Fax Assure test measure?

Connection Post-dial delay (PDD) Any fax tone detected If the fax is received

Once the test is completed, Spearline will report on:

    • Connection
    • PDD (post-dial delay)
    • Any fax tones detected
    • If the fax is received.
  • If the call connects and a fax tone (frequency) is detected, standard signaling will be used to send a fax from the Spearline server to yours. The content of the fax can be tailored to suit your needs.
  • When a test is successful, PDD is measured to check if there is an issue.

  • A Tiff file will be sent by Spearline to confirm if a fax can be received. As mentioned above, the content of fax can be tailored to suit the recipient if required.

  • If a connection failure is identified, an alert is sent with the necessary information needed to resolve the problem with your carrier. 
  • A failed test is:
      • Any test call where a fax handshake error is received. 
      • Any test call which fails to connect with the number Spearline dials.
      • Any test call where fax tones are not detected upon connection