What are the requirements for testing PSTN line quality?

Requirements for PSTN quality tests.

Spearline will provide an audio test prompt to you which you must upload to your IVR system. A hidden DTMF option then needs to be added to your IVR which is not listed in the customer facing announcement; Only Spearline is aware of the DTMF code.

  1. Spearline generates the test call and once connected, sends the hidden DTMF option, which will connect our call to the audio test prompt. 
  2. Our audio test prompt needs to play in full, and Spearline will then generate an audio quality PESQ score.

Depending on your IVR infrastructure, you may be able to upload the prompt on a centralized IVR that will apply the hidden DTMF option to all of your numbers. We would recommend engaging with a member of your IVR team to discuss if this is an option.