What are the benefits of the SIP Route Tester?

The SIP Route Tester has a number of benefits for organizations.

You're in control
Configure SIP trunks, carrier codes and dialing formats directly from the Spearline Platform without ever having to place a request with our development team to set up. Spearline gives you the facility to create your own SIP trunks and carrier gateways to test your carriers' outbound performance from your network. You are not restricted to just the carriers that Spearline works with. 

Save time
With the power to configure SIP trunks yourself, it means you can get started straight away.

As you can edit straight from the Spearline Platform by changing the CLI (caller line identification) you require for each carrier tested, you’re in full control of setting the number that you want to dial out with.

Full visibility
By enabling the SIP Route Tester, you will be able to view all your SIP trunks in one central place.

Carrier comparison
You can test routes across multiple carriers allowing you to compare results to see which carrier is performing best.