No microphone detected on Voice Assure Realtime

How to ensure that your microphone is functioning correctly for Voice Assure Realtime.

In order to use Voice Assure Realtime you will need to have the microphone enabled as this is a requirement of the WebRTC technology we use.

Voice Assure Realtime works best with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Your IT team need to allow communication on the following protocols:
  1. HTTPS
  2. STUN / TURN (UDP and TCP)
  3. Websockets -  WSS (if this is being blocked)

Spearline services work on the following IP's:

Signaling Ports: 443
Media Port for Webrtc1 and Webrtc2 = 10000-20000 UDP
Media Port for newturn = 40000-50000 UDP

The ports on the above IP need to be opened in their firewall. If there is an issue with opening UDP ports, our communication is 100% encrypted using DTLS and SRTP technology. 


If the microphone is not detected in the browsers mentioned above then please follow the below steps:

  • Chrome - please go to URL  "chrome://settings/content/microphone" and check if chrome is allowed to use microphone for ""
  • Chrome - You can also check that the microphone is allowed by clicking on the "secure lock icon" in the address bar to ensure the mic is allowed for the manual tester.
  • Firefox - click on the site identity icon (the lock symbol) in the address bar and under permissions Microphone should be allowed.

Please ensure you have the mic enabled on the device and set as default. If using a laptop and using a headset please ensure any built in mic is disabled to ensure there is no conflict.