Is there a different price rate to test numbers across mobile networks compared to landlines?

Yes. Mobile testing is outside any current PSTN/SIP commercial terms and agreements or minimum monthly/annual agreements that you may currently have with Spearline.

• Mobile tests will be charged in addition and separately.

• Your associated mobile test rate will apply to the current list of
countries provided only.

• Any new mobile country provided may have its own associated
test rate.

• The mobile test rate offered is a reduced rate which is offset by the overall book of business on PSTN testing, so rates quoted are dependent on maintaining that book of business.

• Mobile test rates are for toll/toll free numbers only. Any number, including toll/toll free, that incurs additional charges in excess of the mobile test rate quoted, will have the surcharge passed on.

• Test calls to international numbers, ‘shared cost’, ‘premium’ and other non toll/toll free or in-country toll numbers will incur additional fees and be recharged.

Your dedicated  Customer Engagement Manager will be able to discuss that rates that apply to mobile testing.