How does the Fax Assure Test Work?

The test dials your numbers from a Spearline in-country server. During this process, we can detect if a number is experiencing issues with connectivity, post-dial delay, or the ability to receive a fax.

How the Fax Assure test works

  • Fax tests can be performed through Spearline’s fixed-line routes located all around the world.
  • Upload your fax numbers to the Spearline platform and once the numbers are loaded, the fax test can begin immediately. The content of the fax can be tailored to suit the recipient, if required. 
  • Spearline’s in-country server dials the desired fax number.
  • The Spearline server then connects to the number and performs what’s known as a ‘handshake’ which determines the type of device attached to the number. If the call connects and a fax is detected, a fax will be sent from the Spearline server to that  number.
  • The test confirms whether or not the number being tested has a fax machine present when dialed, and confirms if the fax sent by Spearline has been received.

Once the send confirmation or any failure related message has been received from the device, the test call is ended.