How does SMS testing work?

SMS Assure is an extension to the Spearline API that allows you to test, in-country, the sending and receiving of an SMS message to a destination specified by you, whether it’s to a Spearline number or your own customer-supplied number.

  1. The customer will authenticate with the Spearline API service. If successful,  the user will receive an Authentication token which it will use for the next steps.
  2. Depending on whether you wish to run a Send or a Receive test the next steps will be as follows; 

Send Test - From your device to Spearline's device.

  1. The customer will request their Unique Customer Code (UCC). The user will then receive their Unique Customer Code which they must embed in their SMS messages when sending messages to Spearline (this is so that Spearline can identify which company the messages have come from on our systems).
  2. The customer will request a list of terminating SMS numbers in the country they wish to send a message to. This will return all possible Spearline SMS numbers available in that country.
  3. The customer can then send SMS messages to one or more terminating numbers in that country with each message containing their UCC. (This step is done by the user from whichever device they choose)
  4. The customer can then poll the Spearline API to see if the SMS messages have been  received successfully. If the messages are received successfully they will get the contents (message body) and metadata (CLI and Timestamp) of the SMS message/messages sent in step 3.

Receive Test - From Spearline's device to your device.

  1. The user will request a list of Spearline operators that can send SMS messages from whatever country they wish. This will return all possible Spearline operators available for that country.
  2. The user can then request Spearline to send an SMS message from our server to the number of their choice using the specified Spearline operator in the chosen country. (This number is provided by the user, Spearline does not provide this number)
  3. The return on this to the user will be a ‘success’ or a ‘fail’. These results can be viewed via a Spearline API query.