How do audio quality tests work?

Spearline uses DTMF tones to navigate your IVR system to a pre-loaded audio WAV file. This is then measure based on how much the signal has been degraded from the original.

  1. The Spearline in-country server dials your Toll or Toll Free contact number using standard ISDN phone lines provided by local carriers in-country (this replicates your customers experience).
  2. Once connected, Spearline sends a DTMF tone which your IVR system is configured to recognize. Using this, the IVR connects the call to a pre-loaded audio WAV file which is then played back over the line.
  3. The audio is recorded on the Spearline server and then analyzed to generate an audio quality score.
  4. When issues are found, Spearline alerts you immediately and provides you with the call detail records needed to have the issues resolved.