Can I test my numbers over mobile networks?

Yes.  Just like the number testing we offer from landlines,  mobile testing is run through our in-country servers, with real phone lines / SIM cards attached so you’re replicating the experience of a customer dialing from that country, using the largest network provider in that country. Testing your numbers across mobile networks ensures you replicate your customers’ experience regardless of whether they are dialing your number through a traditional PSTN or a mobile network.

Spearline mobile testing allows you to test the performance of your inbound numbers via mobile networks from a range of locations globally. Mobile testing also allows you to test the performance of your dial-out numbers across mobile networks.

Our servers are placed in the most populated area of the country, which means that we are able to replicate exactly the experience of the majority of your customers. To see the full list of countries where we offer mobile testing, please take a look at our coverage map.