How can I get insights into each country's performance?

Use both analytics & grouping together to show even more information

Did you know that by using analytics and the grouping feature together you can create a custom dashboard to show you even more information on both your countries and carriers performance?

How to create a trends dashboard;

  1. Navigate to the Analytics Dashboard.
  2. Click the Reset button to build your dashboard from the default settings (figure 1)
  3. Use the 'Hamburger Bar' icon in the outer left column to open the column options (figure 2).
  4. Uncheck all but the following options and click Apply;

    Number Country Carrier
    Score PDD Total
    ASR Benchmark diff % Country Benchmark
    PDD Max PDD Min Score Max
    Score Min    
  5. Use the 'Hamburger Bar'' menu again to re-order the columns in the following order and then click Apply.

    (You can rearrange the order of columns by clicking the column heading and dragging it up or down in the list).

    - Number
    - Country
    - Carrier
    - Total
    - ASR
    - Score
    - Country Benchmark
    - Benchmark diff %
    - Score Max
    - Score Min
    - PDD
    - PDD Max
    - PDD Min
  6. Group the Number, Country and Carrier columns individually by clicking each column heading to reveal the Filter Options window and then selecting the Group option (figure 4).
  7. Finally, change the order of the results in the column named  Score Avg to present the results from highest to lowest. Do this by clicking the arrow icon to the right of the heading (figure 5).

To make your new dashboard available from the dashboards dropdown menu, click the Options button in the top right corner of the screen and choose Save Dashboard. Give your new dashboard a name and click Save - (figure 6).


figure 1 - Reset Button


figure 2 - Hamburger Bar Icon


figure 3 - Add Columns Menu


figure 4 - Filter Options Window


figure 5 - Re-order Arrow Icon


figure 6 - Dashboard Options Menu